While it might be normal to label everything. Including ourself, objectifying who whe are to what we are.I like to play with words about what I might be and what I am not. I am for what I am, to be a being that lives in the now, in a time/space environment, being conscious of phenomenons, which attracted to a certrain beauty, beauty within and outer beauty. I like to to do certain things, as long as I can be on the road of thoughts, feelings or between different destinations.

Labels are only for those who need them, I would like you to accept the fact that who we are is not what we are and even what we are, is only a small appearance of what we really are. I admit the easyness to reduce people to qualities and characters but you will, in this world become small, the world will become grey, stripped of all colors, including black and white.

I am for what I am the observed element of your perception, shortly David.

The Biography, the illusion of self.